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What Are Sick Visits and Why Are They Important?


Sick visits, also known as acute care visits or same-day appointments, are medical appointments scheduled to address acute or urgent health concerns, such as sudden illness, injury, or worsening symptoms. They can be highly beneficial for individuals in need of immediate medical attention for a new or worsening health issue. 

Our health care services in Connecticut include sick visits, and here are a few notable reasons why they are important:

  • They Provide Prompt Evaluation and Treatment

    Sick visits ensure that sick individuals are able to see a healthcare provider quickly. It will ensure that symptoms are addressed early, potentially preventing complications or the further progression of the illness. Sick visits may include services like medication management, health monitoring, and more.

  • They Provide Preventive Measures

    Sick visits often include preventive measures to reduce the risks of the illness from worsening or progressing. These measures may include vaccinations, injury prevention, and patient education. Coupled with services like our primary care services in Connecticut, sick visits can also include medical history reviews, examinations, and medical prescriptions.

  • Monitoring and Follow-Up

    After a sick visit, healthcare providers may recommend monitoring symptoms at home and provide instructions on when to seek further medical attention if symptoms worsen or do not improve.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you or your loved one needs reliable healthcare services like sick visits. Camellia Place Healthcare Services LLC provides reliable sick visits, weight loss support, ADHD testing, counseling, and mental health and wellness in Connecticut.


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