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Working In Partnership With You
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Camellia Place Health started as the brainchild of its founder in being acquainted with variations in the health status of Americans when viewed with other comparable nations worldwide. This motivated her to become an agent of change and a direct care provider to positively improve the lives of those she cares for.

At Camellia Place, health is viewed as a right that all persons should have access to. Our goal is to take care of you and help you get back to doing what you love the most–living your life to the fullest and spending time with your family & friends.

At Camellia Place, optimizing your health occurs through our supportive partnership with you and your healthcare team, helping you attain the goals that matter most to you. Through this trust, we both work together towards the best outcomes for you. Get our health care services in Connecticut.

Our Mission

Camellia Place Healthcare Services is devoted to being the provider of choice by delivering Compassionate Patient-Centered Care which offers Hope, Wisdom & Clinical Expertise to help those it serves. To this end, we work to assist & empower individuals through the provision of high quality care, to experience improved health status and find renewed hope using solution-focused approaches steeped in intentionality & purpose.

Our Vision

We envision our patients leading purpose-filled lives to their fullest capacity, knowing that they are loved and cared for by us. At Camellia Place Health, they experience the joy, and satisfaction of knowing that they are not just a number, that each individual is unique; their story matters and they feel the gratitude and commitment that we have in taking care of them to our best ability.

Our Values

We are committed to clinical excellence and continuous improvement in our work. In respecting the dignity of each individual, we operate in integrity by exhibiting ethical & compassionate behaviors in our attitudes, actions, and words. We have committed ourselves to sustained growth & self-development through the principles of teamwork, collaboration, and transparency in communication. With authenticity and compassion as cornerstones, this guides us in creating an environment of care & understanding for those we serve.

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